About Atty. Daniel Tessler

Since opening my own practice two decades ago, my chief aim unwaveringly has been to provide at an affordable price effective legal representation to individuals and small businesses.

Over the years I have garnered experience in personal injury law from the perspective of both plaintiff and defendant. Likewise, in the area of landlord-tenant law, I have on separate occasions advocated for both sides -- landlords and tenants. In the criminal field, I have handled matters great and small, ranging from minor violations to the most serious felonies, guiding clients from arraignment all the way, if necessary to trial and verdict. With respect to family law, I have handled adoptions divorces, separations, annulments, custody disputes, allegations of neglect and abuse, family offences, child and spousal support proceedings, and juvenile delinquency matters.

I understand the importance of keeping legal expenses within bounds. My fees are moderate, and often flat fees and payment schedules are possible. Accident cases are taken on a contingency basis, with no charge to the client unless I recover by settlement or award.

If you have been injured through the negligence of another, have been arrested and charged with a crime, are involved in a dispute over rental property, or seek a divorce or have related family problems, I invite you to contact me. Day, evening and week-end appointments are available. If you are hospitalized or otherwise unable to visit my office, I can go to you.

277 Broadway Fl 16 Ste. 1606 New York, NY
10007-2001, 212-587-0941